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1250 24th Street is required to recycle per District of Columbia’s regulation.

Recyclable items include paper cups and containers, flattened cardboard milk, juice and soup cartons, newspapers, magazines, books, phone books, junk mail, and office paper, NO TISSUE PAPER, plastic cups, containers, bottles, lids and bulky items, (NO PLASTIC BAGS, NO FOAM POLYSTYRENE AND NO STRAWS OR UTENSILS, metal steel and aluminum cans, bottles and containers, NO PAINT CANS) and glass (bottles, and jars, NO WINDOWS OR CERAMICS). ALL ITEMS MUST BE CLEAN AND EMPTY!

  • This program requires a commitment from the tenants, managements, cleaning contractor and trash remover. Separation of recyclable materials from the trash is the responsibility of the tenants.
  • Additionally, the recycling of small electronics and batteries is offered; those items can be brought to the World Wildlife Fund mailroom which is located on level two in the corridor leading from the lobby to the loading dock.
  • We also encourage all tenants to establish a compost program for their office - if you need a vendor suggestion please contact the management office.
  • We conduct an annual waste stream audit and the results are shared with the tenants. In addition to the audit we track our waste stream and keep a record of the amount of waste diverted from landfill.
  • Please remember, only through your support can the recycling program be successful. Please contact building management at (202) 756-0400 with any questions.

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